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Appliance Repair Scotch Plains, NJ

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Counties: Union County , Middlesex County

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I've Repaired Over 50,000 Appliances!

What Do You Need Repaired?

  • My Washing Machine Needs Repairing
  • My Oven Needs Looked At Right Away
  • Help! My Fridge Isn't Working
  • My Dryer Isn't Heating
  • I Have A Leak
  • I Have Multiple Appliances With Issues

We Use Appliances Everyday

When They Break...It's Frustrating!

We Can Repair Your Appliance!

How Fast Can We Take Care Of Your Problem?

We do our best to come out the same day.

Obviously, the quicker you call the better. Let's get it taken care of today!

Fast & Easy Booking.


When You Call...

You will talk to Tommy.

Tommy is the owner and operator of TJ's Appliance Repair.

He will answer your questions and schedule an appointment if it is in your best interest!

5 Reasons Why We're The Pros!

This is easy!

1st: We have been in business since 2003.

2nd: We have repaired some 50,000 appliances!

3rd: We're located right here in Scotch Plains, NJ

4th: We cover up to 2 million in insurance.

5th: Over 14 years in this business

Washer Repair scotch plains nj

Benefits You'll Get With Us

1. We'll Come To You. It's Easy & Convenient!

2. Fast & Responsive Service! We're Right Here in Scotch Plains.

3. Great Customer Support With Any Issues You Face

4. Free Service Fee With Ok'd Repairs!

5. Expert Direction every time. We don't guess. We know!

6. Fair & Honest Pricing. We're Your Neighbors!

You Should Only Use Someone...

Who Has Repaired 1,000s Of Appliances

We have repaired 1,000s and 1,000s of appliances.  Since 2003 we have been repairing appliances.

For us, it is a daily thing.  For you, it happens maybe once every 3 - 6 years.

Here are some jobs we have shared on our site.

3 Recent Appliance Repair Jobs

Washing Machine Drum Replacement Scotch Plains

Brief Explanation:

We fixed this customer’s washing machine because the drum was leaking all over the place. Just a simple complete replacement…

Sub Zero Refrigerator Repair Scotch Plains, NJ

Brief Explanation:

We repair all brands of refrigerators, including Sub Zero refrigerators! We fixed this fridge after multiple parts failed and caused it to overheat and spoil the customer’s food!

We Hope This Helps

Let Us Know If you Need To See More Of Our Work!

Listen To What Our Customers Say

In The End..That's What Matters!

Marilyn Palmer

Scotch Plains, NJ

Date: Feb 22, 2018
From the minute the owner Tom picked up phone I knew I was in good hands. Then he sent Sean who backed up my first impression. They knew exactly what to do and they spoke English. DON'T HESITATE TO CALL TJ APPLIANCE. Night and day difference

John Santos

Scotch Plains, NJ

Date: Feb 13, 2018
Excellent service

Trip Patterson

Scotch Plains, NJ

Date: Feb 8, 2018
Highly recommend TJ's appliance repair. I submitted an email on Monday evening after 7. Within 15 seconds, Tom called me. Talk about quick response time! He had time available for the next morning, but I was actually booked. So Sean came the following morning in snow and ice. He diagnosed problem with dryer and replaced failed heating coil in well under 30 minutes. Professional, prompt, and nice. I'm in Real Estate business and TJ's will become my go to appliance repair business for my clients with service like they provided me.

Services Provided

Dryer Repair

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TJs Appliance Repair

Scotch Plains, NJ

Is This Your First Time Calling?

How About A Coupon? Daily Coupons Available!

So How Much Do We Charge For Appliance Repair?

Hands down this is the #1 question we get.  In fact, it is almost always the first or second thing people ask us over the phone.

Honestly, life would be much easier for us if one price fit all...

But every job is different.  However, after repairing 1,000s of appliances we are pretty good at determining prices once we can ask you some questions and see your appliance.

How about you give us a shot?

We'll send a seasoned expert to your home so your problem can be taken care of as fast as possible.


Let's Get You In As Fast As Possible

Call Today To Be A Priority Customer!

Doesn't It Make Sense...

#1: To use a company that is local and close to you?

Of course!

#2: To use a company that has repaired 1,000s of appliances before trying to repair yours.


#3: Use a company that is insured.


You have nothing to lose except for your appliance repair problem that we will fix.

TJ Is Your Appliance Repair Expert

You Can Talk To Him Right Away or Text or Email

Call Us: (908) 293-7813

Text Us: (908) 293-7813

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TJs Appliance Repair

Scotch Plains, NJ


Did you know that if you start messing with your own appliance than the "real" experts might not be able to work on your machine?


Because real experts carry insurance and insurance companies don't like covering repairs on machines that have been improperly tinkered with by non-professionals.

Call us before you start trying to "Fix It Yourself"


1. Is It Best To Repair It...Or Replace It?


Great question.

Some people say they would rather replace because the price to buy a new machine is about the same as repairing it.

However, what most people miss is that in order to replace it you have to...

  1. Shop around and find one you like (often a couple hours of time)
  2. Pay someone to deliver it & install it.
  3. Get rid of your old one
  4. Possibly deal with the delivery being late or the installation being more complicated than first thought.
  5. Deal with the possibility that your new appliance doesn't quite fit in the spot.  Some people even have to do repair or minor renovation.
  6. Find out that there are some things your new appliance isn't good at or things you don't like.


2. Will We Price Match?


Yes and No.

Very few appliance repair companies have the amount of experience that we do.

What that means is this?

Would you expect an apple computer to match the price of a competitor that is lower in quality?

Absolutely not.

We are a high-quality appliance repair company and there are a lot of low quality "so called" experts out there.

3. What About Parts...Do We Sell Them?


This is another yes and no answer.

We sell them but we sell them with the installation or repair.

We are not a parts supplier and do not just sell parts to consumers.

4. Is Really Possible To Have A Same-Day Repair?



We do carry many parts in our vehicles.  We do book fast & work hard to get all of our jobs done on time.

This helps us provide same day repairs for many of our customers.

5. What Appliances Do We Repair?


This is an easy question to answer.

  1. We repair refrigerators
  2. We repair washing machines
  3. We repair dryers
  4. We repair ovens

6. What's Up With Our Service Charge?


Just like you, our time is valuable and our gas, insurance, tires, vehicles, and employees time isn't free.

What does that mean?

It means that we are willing to come out to your home and give you our expert diagnostic services at break-even cost (our service fee) even if you don't use us to repair your appliance (where we actually make money).

So, if you decide not to use us for the repair you still get an expert to personally drive to your home (convenient) and give you the right answer and solution to your problem.

We hope that everyone values this enough to be willing to cover our basic cost to come to your home (Our Service Fee).

If you do use our services, then we waive the fee and you just pay for the repair.