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Job Details

Location of Job: Scotch Plains, NJ
When: Aug 1, 2017
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: Washing Machine Drum Replacement
Brief Explanation

This washing machine was leaking all over the place!  But this wasn't the only problem we experienced with this particular machine.

The agitator was not moving at all.

To be honest this repair was similar to many repairs we have done in the past.  The customer calls us to take care of an emergency.

Most of the time we are able to act fast as we did in this instance.

Washing machine repair calls can get pretty crazy. This one was definitely one of those.

Washing Machine Drum Repairs

The machine was already disconnected when we got to the home.  However, water had gathered into a pool.  When we start to diagnose the machine we found that the bearings were shot and that the stay was stripped bare and was unable to hold the drum properly.  It was moving and wobbling everywhere.

This problem is not uncommon and can be often the result of faulty or cheap parts.  However, it can be caused by overloading a washing machine too often.  FYI - It can be a bad thing to put too many clothes in the washer especially if you do this over and over again.

What did we do?

We completely removed the drum.  Once the drum was out and no longer in the way we were able to replace the gaskets, strut, and bearings.

After that, we made sure the machine was properly balanced and was able to function without malfunctioning.

We fixed the problem and this custom was able to start using their washing machine again!

Before Photos


After Photo


Job Details

Location of Job: Scotch Plains, NJ
When: Aug 26, 2017
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: Sub Zero Refrigerator Repair
Brief Explanation

The Sub-Zero is a luxury brand fridge and everyone expects them to last forever without any problems.  When they don't for some reason customers are often very very unhappy.

It is up to us to come in and save the day with our expert luxury refrigerator repair skills.

This was the case with this repair.

This Sub-Zero wasn't cooling the food.  That is when the customer called.

Why was this Sub-Zero not able to cool the food?

We found at when we arrived at the home and were able to diagnose the machine. They had multiple parts on the machine that were failing and not functioning correctly.

Repairing A Sub Zero Refrigerator in Scotch Plains, NJ

The first problem we noticed when taking apart the refrigerator was that it had a massive leak.  It had leaked out of a crack and that leak was causing the compressor and freezer evaporator to fail.  After that, we also had to replace the exchanger (heat) and the accumulator.

Of course, we repaired the leak which was the cause of the issue.  In the end, we were able to fix this machine, replace 4 main parts of the fridge and the customer went from frustrated to happy!


Recent Reviews

Marilyn Palmer

Scotch Plains, NJ

Date: Feb 22, 2018
From the minute the owner Tom picked up phone I knew I was in good hands. Then he sent Sean who backed up my first impression. They knew exactly what to do and they spoke English. DON'T HESITATE TO CALL TJ APPLIANCE. Night and day difference

"I Knew I Was In Good Hands"

John Santos

Scotch Plains, NJ

Date: Feb 13, 2018
Excellent service

"Excellent Service"

Trip Patterson

Scotch Plains, NJ

Date: Feb 8, 2018
Highly recommend TJ's appliance repair. I submitted an email on Monday evening after 7. Within 15 seconds, Tom called me. Talk about quick response time! He had time available for the next morning, but I was actually booked. So Sean came the following morning in snow and ice. He diagnosed problem with dryer and replaced failed heating coil in well under 30 minutes. Professional, prompt, and nice. I'm in Real Estate business and TJ's will become my go to appliance repair business for my clients with service like they provided me.

"Professional, Prompt & Nice"

Services Provided
Dryer Repair

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